New Lambton Public School

Quality education in a caring environment

Telephone02 4957 1511

About our school

New Lambton Public School serves a community with high expectations and aspirations for students. It achieves excellent results in external examinations, competitions and NAPLAN tests, and has an excellent reputation. Students enjoy attending their school, they celebrate its achievements and are proud to be members of the student body.

The school has an enrolment of over 600 students, with a teaching staff of 28 full and part-time teachers and an ancillary staff of 7, catering for children from Kindergarten to Year 6.  ​Opportunities are provided for all students to do their best. A core curriculum is followed with provision for enrichment activities for students interested and/or with the capacity to do the work.​ New Lambton Public School is a part of an educational system including a University, TAFE Colleges and a range of schools.

Mission Statement

Quality Education in a Caring Environment

School Motto

Truth, Honour, Loyalty and Trust

School Values

Excellence, Respect, Responsibility

Core Rules


  • Always strive to do your best
  • Be a lifelong learner
  • Believe in yourself and others
  • Be honest and truthful


  • Be courteous and considerate
  • Play fairly
  • Care for our school environment
  • Listen to others


  • Wear your school uniform with pride
  • Be prepared for learning
  • Always follow the rules and stay safe
  • Accept responsibility for yourself and your belongings